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Lucy Meadows

21 Mar

A while ago I wrote a post which included reference to an article about local teacher Lucy Meadows.

Male teacher to return to school as a woman.

Lucy faced transphobia from certain sectors of the community (and also from Daily Mail journalist Richard Littlejohn) although seeming to have massive support from the town and the school in particular.

It’s sad that I have to announce that Lucy was found dead at her home on Tuesday at the age of 32.

Teacher found dead

What should have been the start of a wonderful life for her has ended in tragedy. I suppose that there is the tiniest of possibilities that she died of natural causes, but I don’t think anyone here believes that is the case.

Certain people in this town and in the media should now have this on their conscience.

A quote in the Sun from Wayne Cowie, who complained in the Daily Mail about Lucy continuing to teach:

“I was shocked when I found out what had happened. My son came home yesterday and said that Miss Meadows had died.

We still don’t know anything really and no one knows why or how. It was upsetting for the kids. I have no idea why he has done it”.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4854084/Sex-change-fury-primary-teacher-kills-himself-after-return.html#ixzz2ODdkfMRt
R.I.P. Lucy.

Petition requesting the sacking of Richard Littlejohn

Accrington In The News

5 Jan

Accrington, my home town, has been in the tabloids quite a bit lately.

Just a few lines about each story:

From the Daily Mail Article: Male teacher to return to school as a Miss:

Mr Upton has recently made a significant change in his life and will be transitioning to live as a woman,’ it read.

‘After the Christmas break, she will return to work as Miss Meadows.’

It then said the school was ‘proud of our commitment to equality and diversity among our staff and children’.

Yesterday parents at St Mary Magdalen’s Primary School in Accrington, Lancashire, were coming to terms with the fact the popular Year 6 teacher previously known as Nathan Upton – a father-of-one who until recently was married – is now Lucy Meadows.

They told how pupils had been informed that the 32-year-old felt he had been ‘born with a girl’s brain in a boy’s body

Read more: Male teacher to return after to school after holidays as a “Miss”

This story was blown out of proportion by a Mr Wayne Cowie, one of the parents at the school. He decided to go to the local papers, and then to the Daily Mail, protesting about something he couldn’t understand, nor did he seem willing to try.

This person – who seems to have the intelligence of a gnat – got what he hadn’t bargained for on local forums and websites, with the vast majority in support of the teacher.

To quote some comments:

  • There are only three parents in the whole school who have an issue with this.
  • Your children are hardly ever there, so what difference will it make…
  • Well what can i say. Mr Cowie ran to the paper hoping that everyone would agree with him but how WRONG was he. Even Jeremy Kyle would not be interested in his story. You now look the most unwanted person in the school yard if you’re so bothered why are your kids still going to the school. Do yourself a favour keep your views to yourself. Mr perfect (NOT). Let’s listen to your life story I think that would be more interesting . Just my view and yes my son goes to this school and yes its an amazing school and fantastic teachers. And all my son is bothered about is how may days before Santa comes . Wish all the staff a very happy Christmas and see you all in Jan .

Mr Cowie feels that primary school kids are to young deal with the situation. He probably thinks sex education is a no-no too, and should be left to the teachers at secondary school, rather than himself.

The kids will probably just ask a few questions and then will take the situation for granted. What we need is children knowing about real life issues, not have the bigoted views of some parents passed on.


Teachers’ Gangnam Style spoof video backfires as they are accused of undermining pupils’ respect

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2255425/Teachers-Gangnam-Style-spoof-video-backfires-accused-undermining-pupils-respect.html#ixzz2H8qfSgjj

Very misleading headline to say the least. One person has objected in the local paper, which then went national.

That person was Mr Peter Britcliffe, leader of the local Conservative Party. (opposition)

His quote (concerning the sauna scene): ‘Having viewed it myself, while most of it is just good fun, there are parts of it certainly that might not improve the respect there should be between teachers and pupils.’

This is from a man who seems to to take the chance to object to anything if it will get his face in the local papers.

“I am not a killjoy but I have looked at the piece, which is being discussed all over Accrington. It is the talk of the town’s young people.”

Is it really Mr B? Most of us watched it when it first came out, giggled and forgot about it! Stop telling porkies!

I thought it was quite fun, and is a fundraiser after all. My only issue is that it’s not very well filmed! (Video below)


The latest one concerns housing in Accrington. The Daily Mail yet again.

Accrington revamp

Accrington back street

Revamp of terraced housing in Accrington

The story was supposed to highlight a good move in Accrington, to revamp five streets of terraced housing in the town.

It made it seem as if the whole place is a ghost town, hence some of the comments.

It’s five streets which have been waiting two years for this. The revamp was postponed because funding was cut. Just a few yards from where the photos were taken is one of the “posher” areas of the town. Do you notice how clean the long back alley in the photo is by the way? Also that is not a “boy kicking a football” in the picture if you look closely Daily Mail. You should know seeing as your photographer took the photo.

I hope the Daily Mail comes back when the project is finished and reports on how much improved those streets are!

A lot of renovation and rebuilding has happened in Accrington over the last few years. The photos could quite easily have been one of other areas before they were demolished.

The article doesn’t give a true impression of Accrington at all. On the whole it is a great place to be.

BBC video on Accrington revamp


4 Dec


Double argh!

Kate and William are expecting a baby. I’m very happy for them and wish them well. Just as I would anyone else.

The problem is  the press. They are bombarding us with Royalty/pregnancy related articles. Even the most tenuous links are explored.

Plus we have the extra bonus of Kate’s “hyperemesis gravidarum” to be informed about.

I don’t watch that much TV so that’s easily avoided. I don’t “buy” newspapers or magazines either. No problem there.

But do I have to navigate through the mass of trifling “Wills and Kate plus one” news for the next few months to get to some “informative” headlines?

The Daily Mail sidebar is full of royalty/pregnancy links because there obviously isn’t much that is more newsworthy to put in there…

They have already given us a view of what they think the future Prince/Princess will look like.

I’m not a Republican, but neither am I a  Royalist. We have a Royal Family and that’s it.  I’m pretty much indifferent. I choose not to be interested in it on the whole.

Why can’t the Press keep all Royal related stuff under one link or is that too much to ask?

Edvard Munch – The Scream. Very much how I’m feeling about it today!

This rant is certainly the first, last and only post about the matter that will be seen on this blog.

The Scream

photo credit: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK via photopin cc


30 Nov

Oh my word it’s cold this morning! Lodges are frozen over. Poor ducks.

The photo below was taken not long ago. It’s a bit hazy due to my breath on the window.

Need to go into town this morning, hope daughter’s car starts OK.

Ice Cold


The Daily Mail was advertising their sister website yesterday. Today I’m Wearing.

It seems anyone can upload daily pictures of what they are wearing for readers to vote on.

Should I upload mine I wonder? Today I’m wearing my thermal vest, two baggy T-shirts, big woolly jumper and finger-less gloves. I will soon be wearing my attractive hat with animal face which cover my ears and lovely sensible boots. Final touch will be a scarf that covers most of my face….

As an accessory I will be carrying my trusty folding walking stick, to help with balance.

Edit: I should add I am also wearing jeans, in case you were picturing something different reading that!

Winter Warmers

photo credit: amanky via photopin cc


Ah…the last day of Nablopomo. Back to normality.

“Carer” Jailed for Five Years

12 Oct

Carer who poured boiling water over elderly man and threatened to kill him if he got blood on her is jailed for five years | Mail Online.

What a nasty evil scumbag! The Daily Mail as it often does, only gives half the story.

It states that she was his carer. No  –  she was his “unofficial carer”, who hung about with him on the pretense of “caring” for her own gain. She would be lucky to be employed anywhere, let alone in the caring profession.  I commented about the error in their article, but as yet it hasn’t passed moderation, not sure why?

Cue a load of comments from people wondering how on earth she was employed as such.

Daily Mail, if you are going to pull headlines from local papers, make sure you get the whole story please.

Having crossed this woman’s path I can confirm that she is nothing but an alcoholic druggie, who already has convictions to her name. She should have been given a lot longer than 5 years in my opinion!

I can’t give the link to the article in the local paper as it isn’t on their website. (at least not yet).

Davina Norris

Davina Norris

So Sad

18 Sep

NurseryOh My goodness, poor little girl. Some heads are going to roll for this. R.I.P little one. How could this be allowed to happen?

Child dies in nursery playground

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