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Discovering My Home Town

9 Feb

Gosh, I hadn’t realised how long it’s been since I last posted!

Over the last week or so I’ve been addicted to a local quiz page on Facebook. It’s involved a lot of research, and finding out things I didn’t know. Seeing lots of old photos and also starting to notice the architecture of places still standing. It’s also involved going off at tangents and learning about people and events. For instance, I’ve only just realised what tiny hands Winston Churchill had, after seeing a photo of a post war visit to Accrington.

Winston’s gloves to be auctioned


Churchill’s “petite” gloves.

Also there is a museum which has been set up in the market hall by volunteers. Well done to them for the effort, but the artifacts do seem to be very generic. Basically it could be in any northern town.

Surely with the wealth of industrial (and otherwise) history in the town of Accrington, we could come up with something more specific?

Market museum



Tech Companies as Christmas Icons (Comic)

12 Dec

Spotted this on The Bis Key Chronicles


Tech Companies as Christmas Icons (Comic).

Well I though it was funny…

Especially liking the Facebook one. Nah, I don’t like fruitcake either.

Facebook Makes Me So Angry

7 Dec

I’m not a great fan of  Facebook, sometimes it has its uses for me though.

But some of the stuff I’m seeing shared on there lately is really beginning to rile me.

We are constantly bombarded with viral images of  things and asked to share. Child abuse, animal cruelty, cancer. Most of the time I just ignore the posts, but just occasionally out of curiosity, I try to check the background of an article.

Two in the last couple of days have been spreading like wildfire.

One in my local area (Burnley), in which a child was supposedly missing, having been abducted in a car. I Googled the given registration of the car involved, and lo and behold, up comes an article from South Africa about a young girl who has been snatched by her father. Not even in this country, never mind in this area.

The other is even worse.

One of the many photos of “child abuse” which is doing the rounds. On checking the photo in the reverse image search, I found an article about the child.

Not child abuse at all, but the three-year old girl was the victim of an attack by a two-year old at her nursery!

Lord knows what the parents of this child would think if they ever find out what their daughters photo has been attached to. Over two thousand comments on the post to date, saying what they would do to whoever was responsible. Some even saying they knew the evil person that had committed the crime.


a. That people are sick enough to spread this stuff around in the first place.

b. That people would join in with the charade of making an article appear true.

c.  That so many people seem to take whatever they see on Facebook at face value.

I actually put a comment on linking people to the real story, but seeming nobody has taken any notice because the comments on the photo are still coming!


Charity Shops

17 Nov

Referring to my About me page again for this post. Well two points from there really as I did voluntary work in one early last year.

I did about 6 months voluntary with Sense, the deaf/blind charity at their shop in Accrington Centre. I only left when I started being ill, just before an operation in July. During that time I had also been doing short college courses as well, so I was keeping fairly busy. This was after my last employment finished and I was looking for other work.



Sense charity shop, Accrington

As well as the shop they also have a small care home in the town.

But as I say, my work was at the shop. I quite enjoyed it as I got to meet lots of people. It was interesting to see the various types who went in there. Some will actually try to knock prices down, believe it or not. Where do they think they are, at a flea market?

Of course there are the shoplifters too. How low can you get, stealing from a charity?

The large majority of the customers were absolutely fine. Some were regulars, coming in several times a week.

My work was mainly sorting through clothes and other items that came in. steaming or washing them, whichever was appropriate. Sorting the stock on rails and shelves on the shop floor, plus a bit of window dressing.

It was amazing some of the quality stuff that was donated. On the other hand, you would get the occasional donation which  was absolute rubbish. I couldn’t for shame embarrass myself like that.


I’m also a charity shop frequenter. Or I was. I rarely get down into town at the moment due to illness. I had a set route to the ones I preferred. The cheapest was obviously first. That was the Age UK shop, and they stock the majority of their items for £1. I’ve had some cracking bargains from there, including several good pairs of curtains.

To be honest, I can’t remember when I bought any “new” clothes, apart from “smalls” that is.

If I am looking for a particular household item, I will check these shops first. I actually got eight rolls of quality wallpaper for £1 each. Enough to decorate our the large hallway in our flat.

Many people complain about there being too many charity shops and pound shops in certain towns. Accrington included. But they are well used and there is obviously the need. Surely that is better than empty shops in any case

In the pictures below one is obviously the shop itself.

The other two feature the manageress Taz in Lady Gaga type outfits.

The one in black was for a fundraiser.

The one in red, was for a competition “Paint the town red” (you can actually spot her in the shop picture, sat in the window). They received the first  prize for best shop display, judged by members of the Accrington Stanley football team. The prize was a year’s advertising on the hoardings at Stanley’s Crown Ground.

Well done Taz!

Age UK Accrington on Facebook

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Annoying Things About Facebook

3 Nov

Thumbs down

I have a Facebook page. Occasionally  use it to keep in touch with sons who live out-of-town. Also to gather pictures of my grandkids that have been posted.

But most of the time I just find it terribly irksome.

Some of the stuff which has really been irritating lately:

People putting on pictures of something tragic or sad, asking you to like them and basically saying “if you pass this one by, you don’t care”.

Being asked to copy and paste something onto my wall. Also reading something on the lines of “I have an idea which of my friends will do this”

People putting up the same pictures, jokes, etc that they have put up several times before. I can remember it, why can’t you?

People going into every minute detail  about their day. I’ve even learnt about someone doing a smelly fart..

People posting incorrect information and saying “I could be wrong but”

People putting on statuses and passing them off as their own thoughts. (You have either seen them elsewhere or know for a fact they don’t write, punctuate, or use grammar in that way).

People posting about stuff when you know they haven’t got a clue what they are discussing.

People posting all those things about prayer and God, when you know they aren’t in the least bit religious. So why do they do it?

The ads on my page. I’m of a certain age and single, so FB assumes I want to see ads such as “oldies” dating sites, bingo and stair lifts.

Meeting someone I haven’t seen before, or someone I haven’t seen for years. Then one of the first things they ask is “Are you on Facebook”?

The fact that if you don’t go on FB for a few days, some people think there is something wrong with you, like you are ill or dead.

End of rant…

My Social Network

17 Oct

Tried to answer this “Plinky Prompt”, but it’s not connecting me to WordPress at the moment.

“Has social networking – Facebook, Twitter, and everything in between – actually improved your relationships?”

I’ll answer it here anyway.


I’ve never used Twitter, haven’t felt the need. Maybe I’ll get around to it eventually.
As for Facebook, not sure I would say it has improved things in any way. It did help me keep in touch with my two youngest, when they were away at university in Manchester. Also now as one son still lives in Manchester and the other quite a way from me (I don’t drive). If it wasn’t for keeping in touch with family on a regular basis, I don’t think I would still have an account.

I get tired of the drivel some folk put on there. Every minutia of their lives in detail. So much so that I have cut my friends list by half recently.

I’m also concerned about the privacy aspect too, even though I have all the right settings in place.

I read today that FB has been forced to turn off facial recognition tagging in Europe and has to remove all collected data from such. That can only be a good thing methinks.

Facial recognition turned off

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

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