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Discovering My Home Town

9 Feb

Gosh, I hadn’t realised how long it’s been since I last posted!

Over the last week or so I’ve been addicted to a local quiz page on Facebook. It’s involved a lot of research, and finding out things I didn’t know. Seeing lots of old photos and also starting to notice the architecture of places still standing. It’s also involved going off at tangents and learning about people and events. For instance, I’ve only just realised what tiny hands Winston Churchill had, after seeing a photo of a post war visit to Accrington.

Winston’s gloves to be auctioned


Churchill’s “petite” gloves.

Also there is a museum which has been set up in the market hall by volunteers. Well done to them for the effort, but the artifacts do seem to be very generic. Basically it could be in any northern town.

Surely with the wealth of industrial (and otherwise) history in the town of Accrington, we could come up with something more specific?

Market museum



Women Are Teachable

23 Sep

Well fancy that..who’d have thought it.

Women Are Teachable

Nikola Tesla

18 Sep

English: The photograph image of Nikola Tesla ...

Why did we never learn about this guy in school? Well I certainly didn’t.

Lots of campaigns going now  to get a museum started in his honour and have a film made about his life. I am in no way surprised.

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