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30 Nov

Oh my word it’s cold this morning! Lodges are frozen over. Poor ducks.

The photo below was taken not long ago. It’s a bit hazy due to my breath on the window.

Need to go into town this morning, hope daughter’s car starts OK.

Ice Cold


The Daily Mail was advertising their sister website yesterday. Today I’m Wearing.

It seems anyone can upload daily pictures of what they are wearing for readers to vote on.

Should I upload mine I wonder? Today I’m wearing my thermal vest, two baggy T-shirts, big woolly jumper and finger-less gloves. I will soon be wearing my attractive hat with animal face which cover my ears and lovely sensible boots. Final touch will be a scarf that covers most of my face….

As an accessory I will be carrying my trusty folding walking stick, to help with balance.

Edit: I should add I am also wearing jeans, in case you were picturing something different reading that!

Winter Warmers

photo credit: amanky via photopin cc


Ah…the last day of Nablopomo. Back to normality.

Nearly The End Of Nablopomo

29 Nov

Nearly the end of Nablopomo

This whole month has passed in slo-mo

There’s only one more day to go

Then no more daily posts to show


Back to me posting as and when

No more pressure for me to pen

A daily blog, again & again

from weekend it could be none – or ten


Next year? Nah, I don’t think so

Just want to let the postings flow

Naturally, when the mood is right

Not wracking my brain every night


But I don’t give up on whatever I start

It’s been a challenge to take part

Couldn’t make each post a work of art

But I tried my best – on my heart


But thank you WordPress for the chance to try

And focus my brain, though it’s been a tie

Will be glad when it’s over – tell you why

I’ll be free! Nablpomo, goodbye


photo credit: Lord Mariser via photopin cc

Copyright © 2012 Carol’s Musings

Dark, Dreary Day?

28 Nov

I wake of a morning, it’s dismal and dull

I go to the window; the curtains I pull

It’s still black as night, rainy and cold

So miserable, no light to behold


I turn on the lamp, wipe the sleep from my eyes

It’s six a.m., my how time flies

When you’re tucked up in bed, cosy and warm

Then up with a shock at that blessed alarm


Go to the bathroom and flannel my face

I’m in there quick, it’s always a race

To do the ablutions – I like to be first

Daughter is waiting –  she’s going to burst…


Next to the kettle and coffee for two

I never feel human till after a brew

Turn on the telly and watch BBC

The News and Weather I want to see


Now for a shower and then to get dressed

Am I going to need my thermal vest?

I think so, because  it’s flipping cold

I feel it more now, since I got old


Will I need my brolly if  I go outdoors?

Will the frost cause droplets on my nose?

If the wind gets up will I stay upright

Will the sun come out and morning turn bright?


Weatherman says nope, no sun today

But I’m still going forth and on my way

To enjoy whatever nature brings

Take pleasure in the simple things


Because a year ago I was depressed

Anxious, panicky and  so stressed

So being normal is amazing for me

I’m enjoying life once again you see


No matter what the day may bring

I’ll still be feeling like it’s Spring

So dark, dreary day – bring it on

I love being me  – now the “Black Dog” has gone

Copyright © 2012 Carol’s Musings

Sun & Clouds

photo credit: Denis Collette…!!! via photopin cc

Not Long Now

27 Nov

Not long to go now with Nablopomo. It finishes on Friday thank goodness. It’s been a bit of a bind and I probably won’t do it again! But I started so I’ll finish…

NaBloPoMo November 2012

On the plus side it has introduced me to some blogs I probably wouldn’t have seen by checking under the topic heading in the reader.


Speaking of the reader, some of the new posts haven’t been showing up at my end. So I’ve started checking each site from my blog roll every so often. I’d hate people to think I wasn’t interested in their posts.


Also, some comments and ping-backs have been going straight to spam, so I have now started checking those very carefully.


photo credit: AJC1 via photopin cc


I have changed back to the Bueno theme as you can see. The last one was nice, but I wasn’t keen on the reply post background in the comments section. Plus I prefer the straight lines of this theme. I can have an Archive page too.


Ha ha…I have finally figured out to make a custom menu and put certain post categories at the top of the page. Brilliant.

This site here explained it well. I’ll keep it bookmarked for further reference in case the brain cells fail me again.


On a final note. It is Lancashire Day today.

Lancashire Rose

From Wikipedia:

Lancashire Day is held on 27 November. It commemorates the day in 1295 when Lancashire sent its first representatives to Parliament by King Edward I of England to attend what later became known as The Model Parliament.

Curated by the Friends of Real Lancashire, it was first observed in 1996 with the loyal toast to “The Queen, Duke of Lancaster”, and is open to celebration from everywhere within the county palatine.[1] The day since has been widely publicised, including mentions on the BBC website[2] and in the local press.[3] The day receives support from both district councils[4] [5] and Lancashire County Council;[6] Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council has resolved to support the day every year.[7] Many towns throughout the historic county host events on the day,[8] most notably readings of the Lancashire Day Proclamation.[9]

Ernest Vincent Wright

26 Nov

I came across an article on Wikipedia about this gentleman.

Ernest Vincent Wright

Ernest Vincent Wright

He wrote a novel with over 50,000 words without using the letter “E”

This is called a lipogram,  a form of constrained writing, deliberately omitting a certain letter of the alphabet.

Gadsby (novel)

Gadsby (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though E being the most used letter, it seems like a crazy task to set about.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t get anybody to publish it, so had to use a vanity press.

He had already written other works:

The Wonderful Fairies of the Sun (1896)

The Fairies That Run the World and How They Do It (1903)

Thoughts and Reveries of an American Bluejacket (1918).

Gadsby (novel)

Ernest Vincent Wright

Gadsby, the whole novel on Wikisource

He also wrote a comic poem. It was set to music by Nelson Jackson.

When Father Carves the Duck
By Ernest Vincent Wright

We all look on with anxious eyes
When Father carves the duck,
And Mother almost always sighs
When Father carves the duck.
Then all of us prepare to rise
and hold our bibs before our eyes
And be prepared for some surprise
When Father carves a duck.

He braces up and grabs a fork
Whene’er he carves a duck,
And won’t allow a soul to talk
Until he’s carved the duck.
The fork is jabbed into the sides,
Across the breast the knife he slides
While every careful person hides
From flying chips of duck.

The platter’s always sure to slip
When Father carves the duck,
And how it makes the dishes skip!
Potatoes fly amuck!
The squash and cabbage leap in space,
We get some gravy in our face,
And Father mutters Hindu grace
Whene’er carves a duck.

We then have learned to walk around
The dining room and pluck
From off the window sills and walls
Our share of Father’s duck.
While Father growls and blows and jaws
And swears the knife was full of flaws,
And Mother laughs at him because
He couldn’t carve a duck.


In 1969 French author  George Perec also wrote a lipogrammatic  novel “La Disparition” (The disappearance).

This was amazingly translated into English in the same fashion by Gilbert Adair as “A Void“. For this he won the Scott Moncrieff Prize in 1995.


Other forms of constrained writing.

Accrington 2012

25 Nov

At the bottom of this post is a video with a collection of stills, all taken in Accrington this year.

Goes to show just what there is in your home town that you take for granted sometimes.

Information on  the stills would have been handy though. There are a couple on there even I am not sure of.

Note – not much Accrington brick to show. Mainly stone.

One of the focal points featured is Accrington Viaduct. I think it’s  a brilliant piece of architecture.  It looks magnificent when entering the town centre from various locations. Grade 2 listed, it was completed in 1848.

Old viaduct

View of Accrington Viaduct, taken from the the London Illustrated News, September 1848

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