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Wedding Day

28 Sep

Well, the day finally came.

My son married his sweetheart at St John the Baptist church in Baxenden, Lancashire.

The reception and evening event were held at  The Fence Gate Inn, Fence,

What an absolutely amazing day and night.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Scott and Caroline Oates!

Some photos and a funny video to follow soon.

Wedding Outfit

18 Aug

Just tried on my “Mother of the groom” wedding outfit.  I think it’s going to look pretty good on the actual day.

My son and soon to be daughter – in – law bought me the complete outfit for my 60th birthday next month.  They ordered it online for me and everything is a perfect fit.

Didn’t have time before they arrived to do the make up and hair, jewellery etc…and still a little more weight to lose around the middle.  The wedding is in six weeks time. Will post wedding pictures after the day.

Photo taken on a rubbish phone, a bit blurry.


A little creased…and so is the dress.

Not A Bad Day

11 Jan

Feeling quite a bit better this morning, mentally and physically. Sorry about the Wednesday Whine and thanks for all comments!

Had to get through a load of paperwork this morning. Why does it all come at once? Erm..well I do tend to leave some stuff till the last-minute lately…but I used to be quite organised.

Son Scott and partner Caroline came over.  Always cheers me up when I see them. They brought wedding shoes for my daughter to try on. (She’s going to be a bridesmaid). Also they have now decided on “Cadbury” purple for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Wedding dress is ordered, gorgeous apparently but I haven’t seen the brochure yet.

Identifying the groom at the wedding could be tricky for some. His identical twin brother is to be the Best Man and many of the bride’s family haven’t met either of them yet! They were going to be wearing the same outfits, but have now decided on different colour waistcoats to help distinguish between them. And for me? It’s my sixtieth birthday just before the wedding, so they are treating me to a nice new outfit.

Peter Britcliffe

Peter Britcliffe

In my post Accrington in the News, I mentioned a councillor protesting about a video made by the teachers and staff at a local high school. Tory (opposition) leader Peter Britcliffe has now decided he was wrong in his criticism. What? You have an opinion and then you change it?? Seemingly he has listened to some locals and young folk and taken another look at the video. He now considers it to be harmless fun and does nothing to take away from the excellent reputation of the school. Well, you rarely listened to the public when you were in power here – but now you do? (Would show you the article but it’s not in the online version of the paper).

Man who silenced the Beatles turns 100

I didn’t know this until yesterday. Well I was only a kid at the time! Local guy (until recently) Cyril Spibey in the news in the sixties:

From the article:

Mr Spibey volunteered in 1941 and was called up to the squadron in 1943, where he attained the rank of warrant officer.

Either side of his stint as a navigator, he was in charge of more than 200 people at a cotton mill in Accrington where he famously threatened his staff with turning off the jukebox if they continued to scream when the Beatles were playing.

When he finally lost his patience with the screaming women in the mill, Mr Spibey unplugged the jukebox, prompting a mass walk-out.

The story saw him hit the headlines at home and across the pond, where he was dubbed “the man brave enough to silence The Beatles”.

He was driving until he was 98 too!

Down In The Mouth, But Coming Up Again

9 Jan

I Can’t believe it’s four days since I made a post!

Been ill again, and have just been on to check for new posts and messages.

I had to drag myself to the dentist during this time. I’d been on a course of antibiotics and went back for a check up. Or so I thought. The swelling having subsided, it became apparent that one of my back teeth had split right down the middle. So having an anaesthetic  was a bit of a shock to the system. That  second injection in the roof of the mouth is a killer…ouch!

I’ve been suffering with acute bronchitis over the past couple of weeks. Awful. To add to that my neck and back pain has been worse. This on top of the surgery earlier in the month. But hey ho, things could be worse. I have some stronger pain killers now, so that is helping a little. I think if you shook me I’d rattle these days.

It makes you feel down when you are ill at the best of times, but when you are trying to recover from depression it makes it seem worse, so I’ve been feeling a little sorry for myself of late. My blogging brain wasn’t functioning properly which was getting me down. Especially as I started this blog as a focus and it had been helping immensely. I spent most of the holidays in bed and missed two family get-togethers, but there is always another time to enjoy their company. A red-letter day on the calendar isn’t needed to have fun with loved ones.

Everything seems to be getting back to normal after the Christmas break. I like that. The hype of Christmas was wearisome for me… I know, I’m a miserable old fart! People back to work and school, shops open, regular routine. I suppose that seems boring to many but I like normality and routine of late, it’s a good coping strategy – for me at least.

Family focus for the year ahead is my son Scott’s wedding to his lovely fiancée in September.  Caroline is so organised it’s amazing. No “Bridezilla” here! It will be the second wedding in two years as an older brother married in 2011.

I was thinking of making a few small changes to the blog – though not entirely sure what, as yet. Will post about any changes if I make them.

Hopefully back to normal from today and more regular posts now my brain is in gear! Apologies for the self-pitying style of post, but it’s good to talk, as they say….


photo credit: sirwiseowl via photopin cc


3 Sep

I found out recently that one of my sons is getting married next year.

September 27th 2013 to be precise. It’s going to be a church ceremony. The reception and evening buffet will be at a nice fairly local hotel, The Fence Gate Inn.

I’m quite looking forward to it, even though big church weddings aren’t usually the norm in our family. At least it will give me a goal to work to. Need to lose some more weight, plus I’m attempting to grow my hair again (it’s doing quite well this time around) Hopefully the family will see a new me by this time next year.

I just hope my various health problems have  improved and that I don’t have any more issues to deal with. I wouldn’t want anything to spoil the big day.

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